Can Creativity Save My Life? A 365-Day Challenge

I came home from work exhausted for what felt like the thousandth day in a row. I wanted to go for a run or do some yoga, cook dinner, write a little bit and end my day with things I love. Instead, I collapsed on the couch, ate something forgettable and aimlessly stared at my phone until I could barely keep my eyes open, then went to bed. The next day was almost identical, as was the day after that.

And then, one morning as I blearily made coffee, a question nearly bowled me over: What if creativity could save my life?

It’s an odd question. It’s not as if I’m suffering from some sort of terminal condition that creativity might cure. My anxiety and depression is well managed and suicidal thoughts aren’t part of the occasional flares I experience.

Yet, the question felt entirely valid. Though my life might not be literally in danger, I am (like a lot of people) in danger of merely surviving each day rather than truly living. And while there are a lot of ways I could try to combat that, creativity seems like a natural fit.

To that end, starting September 1, 2017, I’m embarking on a 365-day creativity challenge. The rules are simple:

  1. Every day, I will perform some creative act: writing, painting, doodling, scribbling poetry, painting my nails, coloring, etc.
  2. It must be active, not passive. So as much as I love reading, it doesn’t count.
  3. It must not be work-related. This is purely self-driven.
  4. It does not have to be perfect and does not need to fulfill any other purpose. It’s all about the process, not the end product.
  5. I will document the journey on this blog and over on Instagram

That’s it! I’ve purposely kept the rules simple, knowing that I have a crazy-busy year ahead of me at work and this isn’t meant to be an added burden, despite calling it a challenge. If you’d like to infuse your own life with creativity, join me and share your own journey on Instagram using the hashtag #creative365challenge

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